Privacy policy

1. Introduction

Your privacy is very important to us. This privacy policy describes all data collected and processed by the Gusic bot, the website, as well as our other services. Using our services, you automatically agree that you have fully read, understood and agree to the privacy policy. Otherwise, you will have to immediately stop using our services.

2. Information

We only ask for data when it is absolutely necessary to provide the requested services. We collect it only in legal ways, with your consent. We are can provide you information about the purpose for which this data is collected, and how it will be used. We store the collected information for exactly as long as it is necessary to provide the requested services. We do not publish your personal data, and do not transfer them to third parties, apart from exceptions enforced by the laws of Ukraine. You can request the eradication of all data about your server by contacting our support server.

3. Collected data

When you visit our official website (, we get access to the following data: Your IP address, User-Agent and ASN of your ISP. Secondary data requested (path, RayID, exact time, etc.). All this data is stored for 24 hours, after which it is automatically deleted. When adding Gusic to your server, the identifier of the server to which the bot was added is automatically saved.